Escape to Chiang Mai

It’s time to leave Thailand. We will miss the people, our friends, the great food and the fantastic scenery especially roaming around the mountains. We love the freedom of living here. There are few restrictions, health and safety is in your own hands. If you injure yourself here there is no ‘blaming’ the council for a pothole or suing someone for your own stupidity. It’s refreshing to not have the nanny state with directives on everything and a blame culture which we have in the West. There is freedom to live your life as you choose and not the way government or politicians want you to live. Hurray.

Here are a few photographs we really liked but they didn’t really fit in anywhere;

Lots of pictures of monks

Lots of elephants

And lots of other animals

Very large golden orb weaver spider about 8” across

Interesting plants

Ob Khan National Park

Graffiti in the city


Sunsets and beaches

what is there not to like about Thailand……….

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