Escape to Abersoch 2

A friend Stefan helped us for a couple of days in the week with masking and painting the wheelhouse roof and foredeck and getting the first top coat on, a very good job done.

We are hoping the weather stays fine so we can carry on painting. It’s looking shiny now, a lot cleaner and hopefully more saleable.

We need to mask off for the waterline now we have given the boat 2 top coats of paint, remove the old masking tape and then mask the hull for the white line.

You have to wait at least 2 days before using the tape on fresh paint which is making the whole process very long winded. At long last we can sand off the old red line and some of the boat below the waterline which looked like porridge had been thrown at it before it was last painted!!! Smooth, smooth, smooth….

We are off to the boatyard for one of its famous bbq’s, time off for good behaviour!! It’s not all hard work 😎

The masked off waterline just near the porthole is where we nearly filed for divorce, I never realised applying masking tape could be so so stressful!!!!

We will give the wheelhouse roof another coat of paint and around the hatch when we paint the waterline. Looking tidy now…..

Still good weather so painted the wheelhouse roof, foredeck and hatch for the second coat and removed all the masking tape, also painted the waterline for its last coat. Hurray. Thought we would never get there.

Again it’s a waiting game, at least 48 hours before we can use masking tape on the line for the antifoul paint to go on……

The guys in the boatyard; Tim (master and commander), Niko, Dave, Foxy and Andy have been exemplary with their help and assistance. We are always there at the busiest times and couldn’t have done all this work without their goodwill. Thanks guys. Abersoch Boatyard you are the best 👍 and here you are…

Sadly after painting the roof, hatch and foredeck it rained earlier than expected and it now looks like a white leopard print and needs redoing ☹️ unfortunately I have to leave Chris to do it as I am going home. We will get there in the end.

All we have to do now is wait for a big tide on the next full moon and voila we will be on the water again, about 2 weeks. The hoist will drop us in the inner harbour and we have to wait for the tide to come in to float off……the story still continues

3 thoughts on “Escape to Abersoch 2

  1. Just looked at Escape to Abersoch 1 & 2. Amazing fish in the first blog. Looking a blog 2 – WOW you’ve all worked really hard, what an amazing job. I love the colour. A pat on the back for everyone! Love Sal xxx

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