Escape to Chiang Mai

We got up early and rushed into the city to watch the parade of the Chiang Mai Flower festival. Again it was fantastic with float, marching bands and many beautiful Thai and Hill tribe people in their national dress.

There were vibrant displays of modern and traditional floral art which exemplifies the traditions of the ancient Lanna Kingdom.

It’s great for the city and local agriculture and brings in thousands of tourists from not only Thailand but all over SE Asia. Its the end of the cool season and a perfect climate. It’s also Chinese New Year which makes it even busier with huge crowds taking pictures and enjoying the sunshine and the spectacle. Everyone was having fun..

The parade lasts well over 2 hours and then everyone piles into the park to look at the displays and picnic around the lake. All the people who were in the parade have a drink and a well earned breather and sit down after a 4 mile walk.

It’s a riot of colour, flowers and people…..we left the park to return to our hotel have some lunch and return later in the afternoon when it had quietened down.

We returned just as it was going dark to see the park lit up.

Because it was incredibly busy we got up early on Sunday morning to look at all the exhibits and hopefully get some better pictures.

It was a lovely weekend as always. We have bought our bus ticket for Chiang Rai and up to Burma to renew our visa for our final month. The adventure continues…….

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