Escape to Chiang Mai

I can’t believe it’s come around so quickly, our winter trip to Chiang Mai in Thailand. The journey can be arduous and long winded but we had the 2 easiest flights ever and the planes were about a quarter full. It all went very well the crew were very attentive with as many bloody Marys as you wanted, I’d heard you need the vitamins from the tomatoes…

We arrived at 6am at our hotel and just fell into bed and passed out until midday. We changed money in town to pay the hotel and see our friend David with his ‘can’t live without’ tea bags, corned beef, cheese and sweets. David also rents us a motorbike for the duration and has been a font of information since we first came. We were invited to a BBQ in the villages with David & Nuy and her family, all very lovely.

We soon have great accommodation and a fairly new motorbike.

We got a local SIM card, joined the gym, money in pocket and ready to rock and roll, woo hoo, which we did that night

It’s unusually hot they say. Normally it’s coming into their winter and mid 20’s but it’s been mostly 32c during the day, I brought a gel pillow with me and put it in the fridge. It came out like a big flat ice lolly but it did work really well and helped me sleep regardless of the near frostbite in my right ear…..when we left the U.K. it was -3, haven’t quite adjusted yet, phew.

This is a picture from our balcony

This is one of a pair of bul buls who visit the big tree opposite every afternoon

And this view is from the side of the hotel of Doi Suthep where we have just walked up the monks trail to Wat Doi Suthep, the Temple at the top. We set an alarm for 6am and set off up the mountain.We were on the trail for 7.15 it was nice and cool armed with lots of water and bug spray.

The first half of the hike takes you to the Temple in the jungle Wat Palad

And the second more arduous section up to the most important Temple in Chiang Mai, Wat Doi Suthep

We got up to the top and all the way down in good time for a hearty, albeit late breakfast at about 11. We plan to walk this more often as practice for our Himalayan adventure next year.

It’s wonderful to be back and we have had big welcomes and super big hugs from all our friends, shopkeepers and especially the friendliest laundry lady in town…

4 thoughts on “Escape to Chiang Mai

  1. Hi Sigrid. Looking forward to joining you on your winter escape. Even if it’s from an armchair at -3 degrees.
    Don’t need to ask how’s things 😃 You’re face says it all. Have fun and tc xx

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  2. Hi Sigrid! Thanks for posting all this,it brings me right back, and I really hope we will soon be traipsing around Northern Thailand with you! Love this 😘😘😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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