Escape to Prachuap Khiri Khan

We left Koh Yao Noi. We got the fast boat to Krabi then a truck taxi to the bus station in town and onto a mini bus to Surat Thani, a large university town 4 hours away. We booked into a hotel for the night. This is a gateway town for getting to some of the islands like Koh Samui.

The next morning we had a train journey of 5 hours to Prachuap Khiri Khan, a beach resort with 3 white sandy bays and a good small boat fishing industry hence a vast array of amazing fresh seafood. It’s right next door to Myanmar literally on the narrowest part of Thailand where the two countries meet.

The nicest of the three beaches is on a working airforce base where you are allowed on the beaches but you have to sign in and drive through the working base and over the runway. It’s called Manao beach.

There are deckchairs under shelter which you can rent for the day for 50p food and drinks, ice cream all served to you. It’s very laid back and a very quiet lovely beach. Because it’s a ‘Thai’ resort food, drinks and accommodation are inexpensive.

There are dusky spectacled langurs which live on the airforce base and are very sweet and gentle. You can hand feed them fruit and nuts. They open your hands to see if you’re holding anything. Some had babies…we go every morning it’s so lovely.

They get very friendly

There is a walking street market with fantastic food

It attracts a lot of Thai people from surrounding areas and even from Bangkok for the Friday and Saturday markets by the seaside. Everyone buys food and then sits on the sea wall on the promenade and eats ( it’s a national obsession) always eating, any time….always hungry.

The temple on the hill is called Chong krajok mountain and is at one end of the promenade. It has 400 steps to the top. You have to pass hundreds of macaques on the way up, most ignore you but some are aggressive and snarly…great view from the top over the whole town.

We are in our last few days and we would definitely come back to Prachuap. It has been great fun and as always amazing food and kind friendly people who have made this trip memorable. We have seen old friends and made a few new ones, travelled over a thousand miles on a small bike. I have read 14 books and now feel fully ready for our journey home…..

5 thoughts on “Escape to Prachuap Khiri Khan

  1. Hi Sigrid and Chris – I have loved reading about your adventures. The stories you tell are fabulous, so is the photography, never has this country looked quite so grey!! Have missed you both this winter – the weather has been xxxx and Storm Eunice was a xxxxx. Hope you have a safe journey back. Take care. Vanessa

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  2. Wow what a lovely ending to such an amazing trip. The Langurs are so cute. Like I’ve said before everything is so colourful there, even the food is eye-poppingly (is there such a word, there is now) gorgeous. I suspect you’ll be back home by the time you read this, so WELCOME BACK. Enjoy a nice cup of tea and a lie down xx

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  3. What a great trip, full of lovely memories. The langurs look so cute! Great beaches, beautiful scenery and tasty food. Bliss! Hope your trip back was good x x

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