Escape to Erawan National Park

Erawan falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Thailand just a couple of hours away from Kanchanaburi. It sits within a large national park which has an area of 550 square kilometres. We normally arrive in Thailand in December the cooler, dry season so don’t bother with waterfalls as they are mostly disappointing, this wasn’t.

Seven tiers of waterfall tumble through the forest, and bathing underneath these crystalline waters in emerald green pools is loved by locals and visitors alike.

The first 3 tiers are easy walking but to get to the top, 2k straight up is more of a challenge.


As we got higher the forest changed from deciduous to evergreen trees, the undergrowth thicker and more dense, roots and rocks tripping you up, lizards and larger insects noisily scurrying about and altogether more jungly.

We walked right up to the top level, no 7.

It was a harder climb to the very top. It was exhilarating when we finally got there. I love the air around a huge body of cascading water, clean and pure.

It’s more than the sound of rushing water or the beauty of it bouncing off the rocks.

It’s the plethora of negative oxygen ions generated by the crashing water that produces the positive effect. Invisible and unnoticeable as they’re tossed into the air, the negative ions are incredibly powerful. Breathe ‘em in and it’s like recharging your personal batteries. You feel immediately refreshed. The higher the concentration of negative ions, the better you feel.

Suitably refreshed we made our way back down to pool no 2 where people swim under one of the smaller waterfalls. They insist you don life jackets and as you put your feet in the water the fish start nibbling your toes which is a bit freaky. As you get further in they bite your legs and thighs. You have to move quickly or they are on you. I jumped about like someone possessed, as if I had stood on hot coals with lots of ‘ows’ and other words!! I’m not sure it was so enjoyable being munched by quite big fish. The water was cold but not arctic and very refreshing after the hot hike up. After a shower and dry clothes we returned back to our driver for return to the hotel.

Tomorrow the early train back to Bangkok and the airport for a flight back to Chiang Mai, can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “Escape to Erawan National Park

  1. I was in Spain once where they had shops with tanks of fish in the windows where you watch people dipping their feet into so the fish munch on dead foot skin……..🤢

    No doubt the fish end up with chips by the end of the season.

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